About ASC Equipment

Our goal at ASC Equipment is simple: We strive to be the easiest to do business with.  Seismic can be a  headache and we work proactively with our customers in efforts to manage the seismic scope and create a clean installation method by partnering with the leading manufacturers and the top seismic engineers across the country.

We offer complete suspension, seismic and wind loading solutions for our customers across the United States.  We have the ability to adapt to any construction project regardless of the location, type of construction or trade.  Our specialty is seismic and wind loading as well as providing labor savings installation products that help contractors do more with less.

Why ASC Equipment?

The name ASC Equipment was born from the ASCE-7 standard, which guides us in the requirements for seismic and wind restraints for mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment.  As experts in our field, we supply our engineering and restraint systems by what the code requires. Nothing more and nothing less.