Renasant Bank is constructing a new, $16 Million, three-story, 45,000-square-foot office at 5575 Poplar Ave.

ASC Equip provided Gripple cable hangers for all ductwork in the building, seismic engineering, and restraints for mechanical and plumbing piping, ductwork and equipment.


Renasant Bank Headquarters

What We Did

ASCE Provided:

  • Gripple Hangers for all ductwork
  • Seismic Bracing for Mechanical Equipment, Duct and Pipe
  • Seismic Bracing for Plumbing Equipment, Duct and Pipe
  • Gripple Rod Stiffeners

Gripple Cable Hangers

ASC Equip provided a Gripple cable hanger system for all ductwork in the building.

Mechanical Seismic Bracing

ASC Equip provided Seismic Engineered Drawings, Calculations and restraints for all Mechanical Equipment, Duct and Pipe.

Plumbing Equipment and Pipe

ASC Equip provided seismic engineering and restraints for all Plumbing Piping and Equipment.

Gripple Rod Stiffeners

Wherever possible, Gripple Rod Stiffeners were used in lieu of traditional rod stiffeners which saved labor for contractors with their quick-twist installation method.  No measuring or cutting required.