With International Paper growing at a rapid pace, it was imperative that they expand their corporate headquarters located in Memphis, TN. IP expanded their HQ with a 10 story, 252,000 square foot office building that was designed with a water-based system consisting of a 2-Cell 30,000 lbs cooling tower on the roof with 6″/8″ pipe running from the 1st floor up through the penthouse.

ASC Equip provided seismic engineering, isolation and restraints for a floating 6″/8″ riser system, 30,000 lbs Cooling Tower, 15,000 lbs chiller, ductwork and piping.


International Paper Tower IV HQ

What We Did

ASC Equip Provided:

  • Isolated Pipe Riser System
  • CT/Chiller Isolation
  • Seismic Restraints for Mech Equip, Duct & Pipe

Floating Pipe System

ASC Equip provided an engineered floating seismic-rated system for 6″/8″ pipe risers running 10 stories.

Cooling Tower Supports

ASC Equip provided Seismic Rated Cooling Tower Isolation where no external seismic snubbers were required.

Chiller Supports

ASC Equip provided seismic rated Chiller isolation for (2) 15,000 lb chillers where no external seismic snubbers were required.

Ductwork and Pipe Restraints

Through coordination with the customer ASC Equip was able to minimize the number of pipe and duct restraints to help control the overall labor required to install seismic on the job.